Building Information

Mandate: FamiliesCity/Town: ScarboroughAddress: 10 Alton Towers Circle, unit #44Subsidized Units: Yes

Building Type: Townhouse# of Stories: 2-3Smoke-free: NoMarket Units: Yes


Once you become a member of a housing co-op, you will benefit from affordable housing and security, as rent in housing co-ops is controlled by its members and all members have voting rights in important decisions. In fact, as a member, you get to vote on the annual budget meeting that sets out rent prices for the future, and can run to become part of the board of directors.

The following two tables describe what amenities are included and what amenities you are charged extra for.

Amenities Included

Amenity Townhouse
Parking Yes
Appliances Yes
Water Yes

Extra charges for these amenities

Amenity Townhouse
Additional Parking Yes
Hydro Yes
Heat Yes
Coin Laundry Yes

Other Services: Cable charges – $57, Air Conditioning- $25, Additional Parking – $25

Housing Charges for 2023

The amounts in the table below may have changed. Please contact the housing provider directly for current market rents.

This Budget includes a 2.5% increase in housing charges.

Cable has increased by $1.00 to reflect the yearly increase in the cable contract as of Jan 2023.
The cable contract is for a period of 5 years. The cable package is the Rogers VIP package;
this costs approximately $100 per month if you were purchase it individually. You can access Channels 1 – 999,

Housing charge breaks down as follows:

Unit Size Housing Charge Internet and Cable TV Sector Support Total
Calculated Rounded
2 Bedroom $1,171.16 $1,171.00 $40.00 (Until Jan 1, 2024) - $1,228.00
3 Bedroom Back to Back $1,280.49 $1,280.00 $40.00 (Until Jan 1, 2024) - $1,337.00
3 Bedroom Row $1,329.19 $1,329.00 $40.00 (Until Jan 1, 2024) - $1,386.00
4 Bedroom Row $1,386.56 $1,387.00 $40.00 (Until Jan 1, 2024) - $1,444.00
4 Bedroom Main $1,421.20 $1,421.00 $40.00 (Until Jan 1, 2024) - $1,478.00

GREY BIN CHARGES *PLEASE NOTE – Each member household will have the grey bin fees added to their monthly housing charges. This will ease the collection of the grey bin charges from all members. If the City of Toronto increases the bin charges in 2023, the members will be informed of the new charges.


Major Intersection: McCowan and SteelesAvailable Transit: Toronto Transit commissionLocal Schools: The Divine Infant Catholic School, Macklin Public School, École élémentaire Laure-Rièse,

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